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Dragonheart fleece lined hat

Jolly Good Socks » Dragonheart fleece lined hat


Dragonheart fleece lined hat

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Fleece lined hat


Dragonheart Acessories – don’t forget to look at the scarf and fingerless gloves to match!


These beautiful fleece lined hats from Solmate socks are just so cosy, keeping your ears nice and warm! Solmate Socks recently expanded the Dragonheart series. These unisex caps are distinctive with their hues of greens and reds with a subtle tone of black and bit of pink!

These fleece lined hats are one size and like the socks are happy to be machined washed but do prefer to hang out to dry. Although aimed at adults the hat is quite happy on a teenagers head and looks great with the other dragonheart accessories.

Dragonheart hats are a great gift and is quite the fashion statement on the golfer, walker, fisherman in your family! Made from recycled cotton these hats are comfortable to wear, keeping you warm in the colder weather. The part fleece lining is just enough so as not to give you a hot head!

Jolly Good Socks are keen to get your socks and accessories out to you. We offer free delivery but please allow 4-5 working days for your delivery. We like to exceed expectation and get it to you sooner though!

Don’t forget we can also gift wrap, and if you’d like a personalised message we can add that too!


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