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Caterpillar Baby

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Caterpillar Baby




Cute baby socks


Cute baby socks by Solmate Socks are so adorable, we understand it’s a wriggly business between 6-24 months of age and far too many opportunities present themselves to lose a sock. Firstly babies soon realise they can reach their feet and that gives endless fun in pulling their cute baby socks off, then whilst in a moment of euphoria this is usually a perfect opportunity to wave at random people, animals and objects and forget said sock is in their scrumptious tiny fingers and before you know it they’ve offered it to the pavement! So, Solmate socks have the solution. A pair with a spare, but in the baby range you get two pairs with a spare. Caterpillar baby socks are perfect gifts for baby showers, christening and birthdays. They are a mismatched set of greens, creams and purples. They sit really well on little legs and keep tiny feet snug and warm. Solmate socks products are made from recycled cotton and are soft and comfortable to wear.
These cute baby socks are machine washable and like to hang dry.

ps. mum, dad if you are left with a random baby sock they make great mobile phone covers!!

Gift wrap is available if you would like to send a pair as a gift.

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