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Amber Sky

Jolly Good Socks » Amber Sky

Amber Sky




Amber Sky Crew Socks


Bring Autumn amber sky colours to your toes

We love the new Amber Sky socks. Just as we are coming into Autumn we have for you the rich warm colours of the season. The morning mist on the grass, the first frost and the clear blue Amber sky of Autumn.
Think crisp leaves and conkers and the low amber sunshine. These mismatched socks are going to look great with boots and perfect for jeans. Just as you bring out your winter wardrobe these socks bring that snug warmth to your feet as the first chill of Autumn appears.


Colours in this sock: burnt orange, cerulean and sky blue, dandelion yellow and chocolate brown.

These are unisex socks which come in all sizes.

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