1. How do you size your socks?

We sell our adult socks by small, medium and large. Those sizes correspond to the following shoe sizes.

US Shoe Sizes
Small: Women’s 6 – 8, Men’s 5 – 7
Medium: Women’s 8 – 10, Men’s 7 – 9
Large: Women’s 10 – 12, Men’s 9 – 11

UK Shoe Sizes
Small 4-6
Medium 6-8
Large 8-10
Extra Large 10-12

European Shoe Sizes
Small 37-39
Medium 39-41
Large 41-43

For the kids socks: they are also sized by small, medium and large, but those sizes correspond to the following ages;

Small: Age 3-5
Medium: Age 6-8
Large: Age 9-12

UK Shoe Sizes
Small 6-8
Medium 9-11
Large 12-3

For the infant socks, they are available in small and medium.

X-Small: 0-6 months
Small: 6-12 months
Medium: 12-24 months

2. I’m right in the middle of two sizes, what size socks should I order?

If you are on the cusp between sizes and are wondering which size to get, the socks will shrink a bit but they also stretch. So if you like your socks to fit snug, then opt for the smaller size and if you don’t like socks to fit snug then opt for the larger size.

3. What is the fabric content?

80% recycled cotton, 19% nylon, 1% lycra.

4. What are the washing instructions?

All of our socks are machine washable (cool wash).

5. How soon should I expect my order?

Thank you for your order. Orders ship within 2 to 3 business days.
You will receive an e-mail with the tracking number when your order is processed.